This will show you how to make a cheap and efficient house for your first night.


Before you even think about building anything, you will need a few building materials.

44 wooden planks (or 11 wooden logs)

30 cobblestone

3 wool

1 coal

Building the house

2013-07-29 17.34.49

A good location for the cave.

2013-07-29 17.35.28

Standing in a 1X2 doorway, looking into the 3X3X2 cave

Find a sutible location for your cave, it should be a small hill or a large mountain. Big enough for a 3X3X2 (3 length, 3 width and 2 height) box inside it.

Dig out 1X2 (1 length, 2 hight) blocks infront of you for a doorway.

Dig a 3X2 box inside the hill, making sure that the doorway is not a part of it but is the only w
2013-07-29 17.36.39

Roof and walls replaced

2013-07-29 17.38.04

How they should be placed

ay to access the box.

Replace the roof and floor with wood (18 planks)

Replace the walls with cobblestone (22 cobble)

2013-07-29 17.40.23

How I decorate

Craft a crafting table (4 planks), a furnace (8 cobble), a chest (8 planks) and a 

bed (3 wood and 3 wool).

Place them as shown in the picture (optional)

Then craft some sticks (2 planks), a door (6 planks), 4 torches (1 stick, 1 coal) and place them inside the cave with the door in the 1X2 space.

If you have excess materials. Decorate. 

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