An example of a fire arrow dispenser network on a castle

A fire arrow dispenser is a dispenser that fires arrows through a curtain of lava so the arrow will become lit with fire and deal more damage to enemies on contact.

What you need:

  • Cobblestone* **
  • Signs* **
  • Bucket of lava* **
  • Redstone**
  • Dispensers**
  • 1 - 64x9 arrows.
  • Lever (you can click it faster than buttons)
  • Can be other (Lava Blocks, Glass, Stone)
  • Depends on how long it is or how many rows.

How to make it

  1. Build a row of Cobblestone and fill a trough of lava in it.
  2. Quickly wall off the lava on all sides (except one side where you put signs)
  3. The cobblestone side, remove and add dispensers instead of cobbles.
  4. Put redstone connecting the dispensers.
  5. Fill with as many arrows as needed/wanted.


It is recommended to build on top of a castle or something high (like a wall) so when you activate it, it would look like a rain of fire arrows.


Be careful dealing with lava, sometimes it might spread to some flammable things and burn your whole (wooden) house or melt your ice castle.

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