thumb|right|300px|Video tutorial: part 1thumb|300px|right|For added funtionallityMachine name: 100% Hidden Staircase

Purpose: To help hide your base, especially in SMP

Dimensions:16 (L) x 13 (W) x 4 (H)

Materials used: *Note all these numbers are based off the tutorial, yours may be different depending on any number of factors.

  • 52 Redstone,
  • 24 Redstone repeaters,
  • 4 Redstone torches,
  • 5 Pistons,
  • 12 Sticky Pistons,
  • 25 Wool,
  • 2 Activator (lever, button, etc etc.)
  • 4 Stairs (stone, wooden, brick, etc etc.)
  • 56 Blocks that blend into surroundings.

These tutorials above, to the right show you step by step the process of creating your own hidden staircase.

Photos and written step by step to come.

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